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Three-month winter retreat (kyolche), 2014-15

2014. November 29. 18:30 to 2015. March 1. 15:00

A three-month intensive zen retreat (kyolche) starts in Won Kwang Sa Zen Temple on 29 November, 2014 and lasts until 1 March, 2015, hosted by Chong An Sunim, abbot of Won Kwang Sa Temple.

We kindly request all applicants to consider the intensity of the retreat (strict schedule, long sittings) and apply only if you have previously completed at least one 3-day-retreat at our center.

Minimum participation time is three days. However, it is possible to join on any day and repeatedly.

The only exception is the 7th week of the Kyol Che (January 11-18., 2015) which has 12 hours of daily sitting meditation instead of 8. Therefore only practicioners with previous meditation experience admitted for this week. All practitioners are required to participate full time, partial attendace is regrettably not acceptable. Thank you for your understanding.

For application, please use the online application webform below. We respond to every application arranging the arrival and departure times so as to minimize traffic during the retreat. Check in and check out is between 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 - 6:00 p.m., transit from Esztergom Bus station or Railway station to the temple (and back) is available on request within this timeframe.

There is a detailed guide on how to get to the temple by car or by foot.

Please bring a sleeping bag, slippers, flashlight, waterproof pants and shoes (or boots).

Before application, please read the Temple Rules and guidelines for the Winter Kyol Che.

We provide vegetarian (or vegan, if needed) meals three times a day as well as facilities to do laundry at regular intervals.

The retreat is neither free, nor does it have a fixed charge. Please help the temple with the donation you can afford.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday practices continue uninterrupted in our Budapest Center.

This information is updated and refreshed to suit further questions so we encourage you to check back later on.

The prospective daily schedule is:
04:00 Wake up
04:15 Morning chants
05:00 2x50' sitting meditation
07:00 Breakfast
07:40 Work
08:45 15' break
09:00 2x50' sitting meditation
11:00 Meal offering ceremony
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Walk (optional)
14:00 2x50' sitting meditation

16:00 Chi-kung
17:00 Dinner
18:30 Evening chants
19:00 2x50' sitting meditation (On the 7th week, plus 4x50'.)
20:50 Four Great Bodhisattva Vows
22:00 Lights out

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