Won Kwang Sa

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Zen Weekend in March, 2018

2018. March 15. 17:00 to 2018. March 18. 13:00

Attention: Applications for this retreat have reached the available maximum. All further applications will be put on a waiting list and will be updated as seats become available upon any cancellation. Thank you for your understanding.

Zen Weekend between 15 and 18 March, 2018. március 15. és 18., led by Chong An Sunim.

We have created the zen weekends so as to ensure an environment where practitioners can get to know Zen and each other in a less formal way. The rules around a Zen retreat are necessarily tighter, those of the Zen weekends are looser. See details below.

Zen weekend and Zen retreat: same or different?

All other parts of the schedule are the same as a Zen retreat.

Jelentkezés a márciusi zen táborra, 2018 - Application for the Zen Weekend in March, 2018

Jelentkezés a 2018. március 15. és 18. közötti zen táborra. Kérjük, a megjegyzés mezőben tüntessétek fel az esetleges táplálkozási (érzékenység, allergia) és alvási (horkolás) problémákat!
Az automatikus emailt követően a jelentkezést személyesen is megerősítjük.
Application to the Zen weekend between 15 and 18 March, 2018 in Won Kwang Sa. Please, let us know about your possible issues with sleeping (snoring) or with the food (allergy, special diet) using the "Remarks" field.
Your application will be confirmed soon by an automatic and later by a personal email.

Elolvastam, elfogadom és egyetértek az Eredeti Fény Zen Templom Templomi Szabályzatával. I have read, understood and agreed to follow the Won Kwang Sa Temple Rules.
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