Won Kwang Sa

Zen Community and Temple

Temple of Original Light - Won Kwang Sa

Won Kwang Sa International Zen Temple is providing a traditional Korean yet distinctly Western Zen training to people of all ages, lifestyles and religious backgrounds. With a residential community of monastics and lay trainees, Won Kwang Sa Temple offers a wide variety of programs and retreats. The temple grounds consist of more than 5 hectares of beautiful forest land in the Pilis Mountains of Hungary. The temple offers many opportunities for self-study and introspection, as well as being with the community, and doing one of the most important forms of training: together action. When we look into the mirror of our own minds, as well as our fellow practitioners reflect our karma back to us, we can find the correct direction for our lives, attain our true self and save all beings from suffering.


Won Kwang Sa

Latitude: 47.785595
Longitude: 18.793574

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