Three-Month Winter Retreat, 2020-2021

A three-month intensive Zen retreat (Kyolche) starts in Won Kwang Sa Zen Temple on 28 November, 2020 and lasts until 28 February, 2021, led by Chong An Sunim, abbot of Won Kwang Sa Temple.

Apart from the intensive week (between 9 and 16, January), the minimum participation time is three full days. You may repeat your part-time participation at any time. You are welcome to come any day before the retreat and stay longer after the end.

Our intensive week is held between January 9-16, 2020. Conditions for participation: There are no exits and entries during this time. Those who have not taken part in this program yet should arrive not later than 4 January, Monday, those who already did should be present on or before 1 January, Friday.

Before application, please read Temple Rules and and the guidelines for the Winter Kyol Che.

The cost covering the basic need of your stay would be as follow: from the 1st to the 30th day: 7,500 HUF (25 EUR, 25 USD, 100 ILS) per day, after the 31th day: 6,500 HUF ( EUR USD ILS) per day, after the 61st day: 5,500 HUF (EUR) per day.  Any donation beyond the basic costs would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your help and cooperation.

For application, please use the online application webform below.  When successfuly sent, you get an automated confirmation email immediately and soon we respond to everyone’s application suggesting the exact arrival and departure times so as to minimize traffic during the retreat. Should you not receive a personal answer, please contact usPlease do not purchase any tickets for your travel to the Temple before you have received our confirmation of your participation.

There is a detailed guide on how to get to the temple.

Apart from the Dharma talks, interviews and work periods we keep complete silence during the retreat in the entire temple area. Besides keeping physical silence, we suspend all forms of digital communication. In case of an emergency, you may communicate with the temple officials inside the office building.

We provide vegetarian (or vegan, if needed) meals three times a day as well as facilities to do laundry at regular intervals.

Besides your personal needs, bring a sleeping bag, a flashlight, slippers and an alarm clock.

Please always wear socks when you enter the Dharma Room. Also, be mindful not to wear 1) athlete’s shirt or other sleeveless shirt, 2) deep-cut  shirt/blouse, 3) ponchos or other loosely hanging dress, 4) trousers not reaching below the knees, 5) skirts, 6) tight trousers and shirts (stretch fabric), 7) anything with pictures, ads, posters, and 8) overly bright colors. Thank you for your cooperation.

During the retreats at the temple, evening practice at Budapest Zen Center continues to be held every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

This information is periodically updated and refreshed, so we encourage you to check back later on.

The daily schedule is:

03:40 Wake up
04:00 Morning chants
05:00 2×50′ sitting meditation
07:00 Breakfast
07:40 Work
08:45 15′ break
09:00 2×50′ sitting meditation
11:00 Meal offering ceremony
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Walk (optional)
14:00 2×50′ sitting meditation
17:00 Dinner
18:30 Evening chants
19:00 2×50′ sitting meditation
20:50 Four Great Bodhisattva Vows
22:00 Lights out

Thank you!

Three-Month Winter Retreat, 2020-2021

  • Start date: 2020.11.28
  • End date: 2021.02.28
  • Start time: 2020.11.28 17:00
  • Phone number: +36 20 550 1769
  • Category: 90 day retreat
  • Host of the event: Chong An Sunim
  • Location: Original Light Zen Temple