Budapest Zen Center

Attention to all Sangha members:
On March 25th Wednesday, we will be having the last Zen meditation session at Bakáts u. 5, then there will be at least one month intermission in our practice in Budapest. The rental contract expires on March 31 anyway at Bakáts utca, and the numerous cancelations of sub-rent agreements make it impossible to renew it. Thus, we will let this contract expire without any renewal. Upon our mutual agreement, the co-renters are looking for a new place. We will be asking for everyone’s help in re-fitting the new place and moving our Budapest Zen Center there! The moment we know something solid, you will.

Kind regards in the Dharma,

Chong An Sunim, abbot

Zen practice in our Budapest Zen Center is held every week on Monday and Wednesday evenings:

Monday – Led by Dok Hae Sunim, Vice Abbot:  daily evening chants, 2×50′ sitting and 10’ walking meditation sessions, kongan interviews.

Wednesday – Led by Chong An Sunim, Abbot:  midday chants, 3×30′ sitting and 10’ walking meditation sessions, kongan interviews.

We invite practitioners to join us at 17:00 to drink tea, discuss their practice and receive basic meditation instructions for beginners.

17:30 Basic meditation instruction, Q&A
18:30 Chanting
19:00 Meditation session

We ask all participants to arrive on time and avoid being late in order to respect other participants practice.

The meditation practice ends at 20:50, however, if there is a large number of practitioners the meditation practice may continue slightly longer.

No set fee is required, however,  donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Location: 1093 Budapest, street Bakáts no. 5. IV / 2., 37 doorbell
Phone: +36 20 257 3856


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