“Our Mind and Our Qualities” – Dharma Talk in Riga.

This Dharma talk may help you to find answers to questions such as

–  What is Zen meditation?
–  How can I help myself and others in challenging times?
–  How do I keep a clear and peaceful mind in all situations and relationships?

Anyone can learn Zen meditation. It is beneficial to all people who want to improve themselves. The Dharma talk will be in held in English with translation to Russian. Comfortable dress for sitting on cushions is advised. Chairs will be provided.

Enterance is donation-based. Please contribute to our activities on a voluntary basis.

Further information: www.koreanzen.lv, www.budisti.lv , koreanzen.lv

“Our Mind and Our Qualities” – Dharma Talk in Riga.

  • Start date: 2020.07.24
  • End date: 2020.07.24
  • Start time: 2020.07.24 18:00
  • Phone number: +371 29191137
  • Category: Dharma Talks
  • Host of the event: Chong An Sunim
  • Location: Tērbatas street, 74 (2nd floor), Riga, Drikung Ngaden Choling Buddhist Center.